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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  March 8, 2023 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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the faa, facing tough questions from lawmakers today, after a series of troubling incidents in the air and on the ground this year, in january in february alone, thoroughly six close calls of planes on runways, we've also seen more incidents of severe turbulence. all, this on top of outages, pilot shortages, and overworked staffers. the head of the allied pilots association, had a simple message to the faa. do your job. >> well, we're seeing a system that is under stress, pilots across the nation of well over a year have been talking about this. if airlines scheduling us to the maximums, the reducing pilot training. the running along a barbwire fence right up to the maximums, we shouldn't be surprised when we see the safety seals start to leak. >> but we need is for the
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airlines, the faa to do their job. >> okay, i have my panel standing, by i don't to bring our experts. if jeff davis, who follows transportation spending, the nose set for transportation, and ryan antoon, he's a commissioner for los angeles county aviation commission. gentlemen, thank you very much for being here. ryan, i want to start with you this pilot. -- that's very freaky to me, how many of these we've seen recently. it looks like a beautiful day, and then the plane suddenly plunged is 1000, feet 2003 the, 3000 feet. that one those heading from austin, on a lufthansa flight to germany, that matthew mcconaughey's wife camilla's, on she said plunged 4000 feet, so is that happening more often,
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ryan? >> i don't know if we can say is happening more often, i know there's a study out of the uk that says there could be some of that in the future, a little bit more frequency, but right now the clear turn so we see say is the same as been full of 30 40 years. they happen not uncommonly. usually it's relatively mild, it's usually a part of not being restrained properly. i think the reason we're seeing more of it now, it's more because of social media access, and people without their phones, this are cyclist driving. and what used to be a story to tell your friends a couple months later, i was all over social media, it's on the news
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later this say. right approach turbulence, but these are no warnings, what do you mean that happens. >> well the ntsb, said i think it was 2009, 2019 or 2018, they've set almost 30% of these are unpredictable. that's ten years ago. technology is catching up, we do have better and better resources available in the cockpit, to predict, it to see, it and to get out of it. and i think as time goes, on hopefully technology will cap up catch up to any predicted increase in any clear turbulence incidents. >> one thing you just mentioned is our study out of the uk, in
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2019, that's talked about whether climate change was enhancing this, where i should say exacerbating it. here's a little clip from that, climate change is made turbulent flights more likely, it much the same way that is made heat waves more likely. climate change is strengthening clear air turbulence, at all flight levels, and all, seasons everywhere around the world, but there's a debt jet stream. that is worrisome, of course. that your experience to? and now you said we're just capturing a more, but do you think it's likely going to happen even more? >> from personal experience, my anecdotal experience a counter tournaments every day. i fly most days out of the week. sometimes encountered around, storms sometimes you're selling align clear skies, and you get knocked around pretty badly. but you know, whether or not is becoming more frequent right now, i think the study that we're talking about was looking not just right now but also
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2030 to 2080 is sort of the timeframe we are looking at more of a direct increase. and the hope is again, technology will keep up with, that and the tools that i have at my disposal, when i'm flying, i could look at turbulence, and clear our turbulence available at all altitudes. we're seeing according to that study, we could see more out there, i also have the ability to detect more of it. so that detectable right there talking, about the last 15 years, that hopefully will change over the next 15 years. >> okay, that's comforting. okay jeff davis, i want to turn to you now. from the faa perspective, at the same time that we've heard of this turbulence, they're also more near misses happening. so have a graphic here of just some of the incidents that we've reported on through january in february, so what is that about in your opinion? >> it's hard to tell, but it's not about more planes being out
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there, because while before covid the number of passengers we had in the arab peaked in 2019 pre-covid. but the number of planes in u.s. airspace peak back in 2000 you had a long's to slide as planes got more crowded, and then airlines switched from slightly larger planes, so that enabled the -- in the 2000s, so it's not overcrowding, necessarily, we're starting to figure out if in january, if you statistical noise or photos real trend. i was also reading the faa cut new air traffic controller hires and a half, from 1500,
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why? they seem vitally important. there also seems to be a problem with the demands, i think you are spelling out in your nose, copilots. they've increased number of hours, needed so that is making it hard to find them. >> that is a lot of workplace issues involves. remember, ronald reagan fired all the air traffic controllers in 1980. one say this a typical workforce, bulge of people who are all gonna retire for 30 8:35 years in, that happened in mid 2000s, reconstruction workforce now. problem, as you can do that remotely during covid. -- and they're trying to increase -- right now they're aiming for about 1000 new controllers, in the academy a year, it's a two year apprenticeship and work after that. one thing that's gonna be a problem, we're probably gonna have one of those government
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shutdowns of, see because that is cancel the contract for the structures. so use half a year's worth of controller trainees, every time we have a government shutdown, on the pilot side, the u.s. years, ago move the mandatory right time in ages 6 to 60, five and a match rest of the world matched us. after the disaster in 2009, buffalo we also raised a number of hours yet have been a steak, from 2000 1500 to be a copilot. the rest the world is not, match so that's an issue that you have been disagreements in the pilots unions, and airlines, -- >> that's all really important
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context, i appreciate you telling all. that for a bit bring in the panel, jeff, do passengers have reason to be concerned right now, and worried? >> still the safest system in the, world there is no mention the kogan crashed in buffalo. is that's the last significant crash rather the united states. so amazingly safe system, as -- are we willing to trade a system that is 1% less safe, i found as a different little danger metric on their head, we have to express that to our politicians, as to where our trade-offs on safety versus communities and economy are. >> really important, thank you both, i feel strangely better at the moment. jeff davis, right in, to assure will call on your expertise again. i wanna bring in our panel, now
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we have legal eagle joey jackson radio -- and axios jennifer kingston. when i hear all complicated is, it just continues to worry me. >> let's quote george karlyn, it's not a near miss, it's a near hit. i'm flying tomorrow, i want to take a bus. that turbulence, that's the one thing that shakes me, no pun intended, that scares me a little bit, you can't see it coming, and when it gets bad as scary. even a minute or 30 seconds of turbulence feels like a maternity do most of as passengers, and the faa knows and has a problem, it's been without a permit director for a year, and acting director has called safety summit for a week from today where the discuss some of these issues, but it can't come soon enough for a lot of us, and axios today, we reported that new software has
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been installed, at 43 airports around the country, to detect planes that are trying to land on the taxiway, instead of the runway. there are steps being -- but that della development about climate change possibly that's considered turbulence, it's hard to see how it wouldn't, right? >> that makes me nervous, because i wonder, if your, plunging are you flying in someone else's space? that makes me a little bit nervous. i flew in today, personally, once we grow up in detroit. -- once we get in real real danger, if we're little frightened, we have in context.
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-- and the day and age of technology, when 2023, we have technology for everything. we want you to fly safely across the country, and everybody had to think about it issue, and convenience, and what it would represent. i know people to know, they get from point a to point b in one piece, the families are happy. >> what do you mean my flights delayed? people get very frustrated,
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does that mean we start landing times on top of each other? i just don't get in this day and age, why we should be dressing this. >> we have technologies for a whole bunch of other, things were not a productive country. we put it off, as narrow, -- >> but is in the scarier part of this that the pilots being stressed, more staff are being stressed, more fly more hours. that concerns me more than a technology, the real stress in the people that reply to store we go. >> i'm confident the that they have a safety summit coming up, i hope something comes out of that that helps all of us. >> so to make you more anxious. >> all right, we've talked a lot about artificial intelligence, and all the things they can do, exposure you just how easy it is to use
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♪ visit your local cadillac dealer today. i can't even tell the difference anymore. >> the a i explosion touching everything from letter writing, to, art to text chats. even creating fight fake voices. a i can impersonate people, as you'll see in this next piece. cnn's donie o'sullivan, uses a eye to impersonate himself. >> hello. >> hi mom. >> i just said that the soon, as he sounds all-american. >> this is not actually, me it's a voice made by computer. >> oh my, god are you serious?
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>> yeah, sorry. there's been an explosion and fake audio, and voices being generated through artificial intelligence technology. >> this isn't a ivory cone version of walter white's voice. >> this is a clone version of leonardo campers voice. >> all you need is a couple minutes recording of someone's, voice and make it seem like they said anything. >> this anderson cooper, we've come to uc berkeley, have talked any free i've digital forensics, expert about just how easy do support words and other peoples months. >> it's a lot of fun, sure. but it's also really scary. >> i think when you put aside that she was factoring, i don't think it takes a long time to look at the risks. >> this is wolf blitzer, and any fareed, you're in the situation room. by uploading just a few minutes of me and so my colleagues voices to an a.i. audio service is able to can create some convincing fakes including this one of anderson cooper.
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>> that's a i? >> and instances really good, kids anderson doesn't have a stupid irish accent. technology did struggled by irish accent, we put it to the ultimate test with their parents. . >> hi mom. >> hi donie, how are you. >> i just finished shooting our story here, going to the airport in a while. >> can i say quick hello to that? >> yeah. >> are you doing there? >> headed. how are you. >> good, yourself?
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>> just shooting our story here. i'm going to the airport in a while. >> i am a came back this weekend? >> did carry when this weekend? >> my dad went on to have a conversation with a high donny about how carry, if a team, and again that we can. >> people got mom the second. ultimately, this film fell threat. >> it's like it was a little tone, lower i said oh shoot my heart stopped at first. okay later, that. >> okay, bye bye. >> this is not, classic the existence of trying, son dazzling everything is fine.
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>> at the closet today ceremony with the question, if you're given a choice, would you choose to have unlimited bacon, but no more video games. >> with fake biden and trump recordings going viral online, fareed said this could be something to be wary of, going into the 2024 election. >> and he entered into this world, where i think the fake, any audio, any piece of tax, nothing has to be real, we have the wires dividend. just anyone can deny reality. >> the flood of tools released not, line he's a company is releasing this powerful ten analogy, the to think of its potential negative effects. >> there is no online and offline, worlds as one world, and it's fully integrated. >> -- in the meantime, okay to you know in my colleagues. >> i've been doing this a long, time and donny o'sullivan is
8:23 pm
past the best in business. >> it's very kind of and say that. >> you should be honored, really. >> cnn's danya sullivan, this is all finding came, until some evil genius takes over the world, which sounds like it can happen now. took a lighthearted look at their. doesn't happen a lot to the imagination, everything from scams to people breaking their bank accounts. -- >> it's not a theoretical threat, it's already a very real threat, and companies of last-minute dollars to. there's a cybersecurity company called semantic, that has been forwarded without using the names of the companies, but there's a big scam going on repeatedly, in which can help state the voice of the ceo,
8:24 pm
recorded on earnings, call on a youtube video, anna t.e.d. talk. company is a lot of money, as you point out in your, pieces it big danger. but also could do a lot of damage. >> you know, i hear you're saying, and the money scares me. relationship scare me more. can you imagine, if you think your man is feeding on, you what you can do with a fake voice. all the relationships, oh my gosh. yes, the money is bad, america, get your affairs in order. >> to make a voice like, that you only need about a minute of anybody. >> it's funny, because the team tells me they've done my voice and a.i..
8:25 pm
and the have fake allison, ask you a question now. let's hear how lifelike it is, let's go. >> all right donie, we just heard a i anderson calling you a piece of you know what. how we're gonna know if what we're seeing and hearing is real or not? >> it sounds like, you but the delivery is not you. >> the pacing. >> yeah, it's a little higher. it's a low robotic. >> yeah, and the experts we spoke to, for the kind of clues sleek look out for at the moment. it's actually kind of describe, they're the pacing of similar, it can sound a little tinny, little robotic-y, i think of another one. fake allison is gonna ask another question, let's go ahead. you mentioned people are right about those technology been used for misinformation potentially in the 2024
8:26 pm
election, what are people doing to prepare for that. -- because from fraudsters are recording the voice, say, a very grand sunnier, granddaughter calling up grandma to sam injured, i need some, money i'm in trouble, police any money. and older, people may have hearing, troubles are falling for this. this is a very real danger. it is, we need to nip this in the bud right now, as with all things with technology, i don't think we're going to, this does seem very frightening, they say that one more question for you donie, fake allison. >> it's important question. >> it has been pretty stressful, for, real alison, to finance a week. so i'm really wondering, when will this technology be good enough for the real me to take a night off? >> that didn't sound like me.
8:27 pm
>> so as to that, look we laugh about it, but what we have seen with the chatgpt app and things like that, with the tech side of things. some news organizations are trying to put in place, it tools to write articles instead of real journalists. are you for now. >> i don't know if any of us are safe. >> my prayers are never gonna believe when i called him out again, they can be like is this really. you >> they're durable, donny, thanks for bringing that to our attention, thanks for 2020 is all, that think it's nerve-racking, thank you all very much. meanwhile, voters in oklahoma, rejecting the legalization of recreational marijuana, in a special election yesterday, polls show the american majority americas believe punch me, legal wire oklahomans disagreeing.
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marijuana approval is at an all-time high, in the u.s.. all-time high,. but voters last night rejected a proposal to allow -- with more than 60% of the, voters are back with our panel. okay, raise your hands, who likes the idea of legalizing pot? one person on the panel likes really legalizing, for most recreational and medicinal you. major, case why is it good for recreational use? >> well one, this case in particular, the bill would have also expunged the records of the individuals who are caught with something minor.
8:33 pm
right? so i know that the headline is, no recreational pot, but also by the way, people are still being punished for something that rich people are doing now. it's time for legalizing for that one, and, two we all know this is a ruse. because of medical marijuana is legal, then you just need to have a physician, say he ate it back is, awfully to take this tylenol, or take this prescription for medical marijuana. >> 10% of people in oklahoma, already of prescriptions for, it is they just wanted to be known as tocaloma. , listen states to legalize marijuana -- is the first to legalize late for recreational purposes. since 2013, they pulled in 3.3 billion in tax revenue , but
8:34 pm
some of the there were warnings are issued before color added took this grand experiment a decade, ego have not come true. it remains to be seen how the nation is gonna go on this. mike, i read your, notes you said you've never even tried marijuana. >> never, i'm pretty boring. >> wow. >> never, have never done it. at a lot of friends, did delaware knocking to say our names, but i had friends who did in school so wasn't anything it freaked me out, i thought was very dangerous, it was never my thing. i've never smoked a cigarette, because the idea of putting any smoke in my life is never appealing to me. >> good for, you i'm from new jersey, i didn't know is allowed not to. you >> have a drink, it's not like i would prude. >> you're fun, i'm not taken away you find current. >> there's a number hankered he said we don't smoke marijuana
8:35 pm
muskogee like the hippies and san francisco. we knew this was coming, well haggard told us in the 60s. >> that's funny, but forget the personal note, in terms of the, state you originally, said it really benefits the state. >> they're legalized in arizona, especially guys magnet medically, that was legalized -- we needed by a ballot proposition, which i'm not a big fan of, because it alters our constitution. but this is one of those issues that has no bearing on my life, so i'm very neutron, this is not gonna hurt me if someone else smokes, it is just not something of every time. >> >> but are you in favor of a state legalizing recreational marijuana? >> i'll be honest, i don't care, if arizona benefits, from if you're getting money, and he, said into the tax, coffers and no problem with it, it's not a moral decision for me, i don't see it as a gateway drug or no other people do but it's not something i'd champion for, it's not that lobby against. >> so i try marijuana, but didn't inhale. >> we've heard that before, every night?
8:36 pm
>> listen, i'm tired enough at all times, i can't have anything making more higher than i am now. >> it's hard to believe you're tired, joey. i see his bundle of energy. >> i sat on the couch, i'm done, anything else would just be too much. i feel like every time i walk out my building i get high. it's unbelievable, it's an all over, two blocks away. two blocks away. >> the you know what else, you make a very good point, in terms of the bow proposition, and how to take it off record, i think we can take those two things and separate them, and we shun conflate one thing with the, other teach our own people can do what they do how they do and my business, -- >> but only if it's illegals this if it's not of your business. >> they said for presidential purposes were all good, right, from a doctors perspective. >> i think we also need to take into account, the oklahoma one,
8:37 pm
instead of having the election in november, they didn't in march, right? so numbers were gonna be suppressed anyway. two, it had horrific murder last, year four chinese nationals at some legal pot farm in arizona. and three, the government screwed up, surprise price. they issued 20 licenses, right out the gate, so there was saturation of dissent dispensaries, and i place a read, that ten times the amount that california has, in terms of places that have been issued. so they can execute it right, that the opioid crisis, i can understand why it didn't pass. >> it wasn't even close, though the ballot proposition is so lopsided. >> 70 to 61, that's all really interesting, that makes sense. >> i greatly the social justice issues and important army event for legalization. one problem, though when states try to pass these laws piecemeal, is the dissonance
8:38 pm
with the federal ban, a marijuana, it's still illegal on a national level. which means that marijuana related businesses, can't do the banking. banks will touch and money, so they're largely cash businesses, that feeds the perception or perhaps reality, there's fraud involved, and there's something underhanded about it. >> do you need a ballot proposition to take away someone's conviction, or something for marijuana? the about proposition, or do you just could be in the state legislature, and say, look memories values of our changing, if you have a conviction for marijuana, prosecution we consider it? >> what about employment? police officers, firefighters, pilots and they still have restrictions because of the qualifications because federally illegal, and how do you drug test people if you're cop, you can test for some things like alcohol, how do you test people are high? these are all things that play into this too. >> thank you, all very much, stay with me because the u.s.,
8:39 pm
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yes after decades of declining birth, right the u.s. experience to have a win in 2021. because the baby explosion, researchers think -- >> researchers --
8:44 pm
>> yes, researchers, this is science. don't bring your dirty minded his size. researchers think it could be tied to more people working from home. what kind of work that be? we are back with the panel. >> okay, so give you the stats. this is real research. birth rate jumped 6.2%. embrace among u.s. mothers, increased by 46,000 children more than expected, okay, you predicted this was gonna happen, mike? >> yeah, we did it on the show, we asked the question do you think there's gonna be more babies, or marta voices, it's gotta be 50/50. at the very beginning of this. i don't to be crude, but what are you gonna do? there's only so much you can watch on netflix. the chill part has got to come in somewhere. >> there's gonna be working from home. it's mostly more productive at home, not reproductive. >> they want unity as oomph all, we have to know that's what people are doing.
8:45 pm
>> this is reassuring, because i read so many news articles about how young people are so riddled with anger over climate change, that they want to bring children into the world, we are glaciers are melting. but apparently they're okay if there's a pandemic. >> but think about the practicality of it. why do not have children? where as many as you want? people are working, you don't have as much time to spend with them, there's little timely bonding, or trying to get the work life balance, if you are working at home, right, then you have the ability to bond as a family, and why not bring someone else into the family, or someone else else else, many babies into the family, if you can spend quality time that everyone looks for. >> joy is introducing the family friendly version of this. >> this is purely lu accidental. six people address, basically, they're not wearing close at home. >> joey thanks as by choice spending more time with their children in deciding --
8:46 pm
awe oh i want to, know is how much luther van dross was played on spotify. >> yeah the, number states to legalize marijuana. >> exactly. >> if we're taking joe's version, which is by being at home, primarily women felt that they could ballots better, the balance, better and their work life, that leads us to the four day work week, charlize comes up, because that supposedly would help all of us, on every level. >> if i'm a manager, i hate the four day work week, if i'm an employee i love it. and i do think, there's an argument now that are in the hands gender, equity because people are working four days a week, and they have a remote, work there's more of a chance for, you know, both sides of the couple in a heterosexual couple, to contribute to the childcare. i just don't see, corporate america going for it quite yet. i think we're there. >> you know what, though?
8:47 pm
isn't it at the end of the day about productivity. and if he can be productive, and to perhaps even more, work because we have four days to fitted, in and you get, up your locked in. he could be more productive at the end of the day, but then that's that employers what. i mentioned here, before resigning with this, as a contractor, electrical contractor and big jobs, there's a roll out in the morning, if you do that starting percent less. i just productivity. i gave loved 4:10 hour days, getting friday, off and having a three day weekend. and we really saw productivity go, i know you can't do it in every profession, then construction was great. >> yeah, it sounds great to, me as we heard my fake alison a voice say. what's the real alison -- irreplaceable seven days a week for alison. >> all right, title, stay with me. has anyone ever eaten sushi off of a conveyor belts.
8:48 pm
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that would scare, me something fishy is going up as sushi restaurants, and particularly these popular conveyor belt that restaurants. the washington post reports, that is new bio videos that show pranksters tampering with the sushi. the fact this is called sushi terrorism, it looks like that. it's cities doing? he just like the bull, and put it back on the conveyor belts. , now to the top sushi comparable restaurants, i switching back to ordering,
8:53 pm
from an actual human. i'm back my panel. >> i know they're supposed to gross me, out but it makes me hungry. the idea of seeing all different kinds of sushi on a conveyor belt. i never went to that kind of restaurant, but i want to go now. >> you still want to go? >> i, do because i like the idea of being able to choose, as the sushi floats, by which pieces i want. i don't want that, one i want the next one, right there. and sometimes, when we go to sushi restaurants, i have order envy, because someone else ordered a better looking too soon in the, me but i did know it was on the many. >> that kept me out. >> somebody looking your food? >> i'm not a germaphobe, that keeps me out, i know what me and my friends would do, i don't to be plucked votes on them in the. eat that freaks me out a little bit. >> i've looked at some of these viral videos, and shockingly a law large number the sushi terrorist appear to be teenage boys. i was unable to find the video
8:54 pm
mentioned the post, article that said that it cigarette butt was put out in a tray of pickled ginger. that one was a bummer. i do know that automation is coming to, restaurants in part a because of the labor shortages we heard so much there ar, they can brew the coffee, it can flip the burgers, these are fun labor saving devices, that are largely invisible to the public, but the robots that are being used to, servicepeople lake to say, take selfies with them, but they split your soup, they get lost on the way to your table, and they can't field any complaints about your order getting messed up. >> i've never seen a robot weight on someone, and a restaurant. >> i never change of tried, them have put them out, there and people of sabotaging a bit, and they've been withdrawn.
8:55 pm
but hope springs eternal, you're likely to see a robot server at a place like you. >> thanks to a, i it may have your voice. >> it is a solution, so the country have a problem , i have a it may, babies but he ordered a sushi to train. does not look awesome? >> now is super cool. >> the difference, is there's no one who could take the sushi, off and damage, it and do other things to it and make it not edible. >> now says nothing about, that i tried it once, i went to one
8:56 pm
in l.a., and i looked, and i saw some of the people picking up sushi, putting it back on the belt. now tell you that part. >> it is a cafeteria feel. >> all right, friends, thank you very much, really fun night, thanks so much for being here. there's so much for, watching our coverage continues now. julian's about to learn that free food is a personal eating trigger. no it isn't. yes it is. and that's just a bit of psychology julian learned from noom weht. sign up now at
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